Saturday, August 13, 2011

How High Is Too High?

Do you ever wonder how many people have masturbated to your photo? Or at least fantasized about you?

Because seriously, if you're an attractive woman or man, the number could be surprising. That quiet guy who never made eye contact with you? Fap. That young cousin on mom's side? Prolly fapped to you. That weird neighbor across the street? fap.fap.fap. Add all of social media to the mix and it's FAP city.

But what is a realistic number though for a year? Is it 7? Is it 700?

You don't want the number to be too low. But then again, you don't want it to be extremely high either. I mean, then it just starts feeling creepy.

What do YOU think a respectable FAP number is for a year's time?

P.S. Yes, this post is ridiculous and I question why I typed it out. I don't even know if many grown adults still fap to photos of people when porn is so readily available, but it gave me a chance to type "fap" a whole lot and really, isn't that a good enough reason?


  1. OMG so hilarious. I mean of course I've thought of this but I've never really thought of a number of people... Hmm.. I hope I have at least average fappage from people. I guess... Now I'm not going to be able to stop thinking about this!

  2. I don't think the number can ever be too high. I mean, is it really that creepy?

  3. Well, when you're pretty like me I'm not sure I can count that high. My favorite post on Reddit was about the creepiest thing you've ever done and 90%+ was fapping related. I alternated cringing and laughing out loud.

    We are a goofy species. And male genitalia are the punchline.

  4. tee hee, males and their hormones would 'fap' to just about anything given half a chance, just a fact of nature.