Friday, February 26, 2016


I was outside with the dogs yesterday, and the wind was just howling.

I could feel my hair blowing around my face, and I was just picturing it flowing slo-mo like supermodel hair.

I ran around with the dogs and they were jumping and barking, and it was so much fun.

However, in reality, my hair was actually probably just limp and lifeless. For the last 5 years, I have experiencing noticeable hair loss and none of the treatments I have tried have helped.

That said, I was envisioning a whole different picture of myself, and that affected how I felt and how I interacted with the dogs.

The other day, I left the house feeling great. I thought I looked pretty - hot even - and I felt fabulous.

That confidence carried over to my interactions with people. I was smiling, I spoke loudly and clearly, I felt like someone noteworthy.

The reality of it, however, was that it was a rainy day and my hair was frizzy and poofy.

It gets so bad that I've referred to it as the "Vietfro".

I did not realize what my hair looked like until I got home and caught my reflection in the mirror.

However, that didn't matter because it was not how I chose to see myself.

If I can't even appreciate myself, what right do I have to expect others to appreciate me?

There are many things in life that we have zero control over.

However, we *do* control how we react to situations.

Why would we ever want to let that control be overtaken and overwhelmed by negativity?

I control my own happiness. And so do you.

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