Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Had A Dream Last Night

And in it, we were running. And sometimes we were running together, sometimes I was running to you, and sometimes I was running away from you.
And your face was mostly blurred out and every time I could make out a facial detail, that’s when you’d start running away and I’d have to chase you.
All the running got tiring but it was a dream so I never broke a sweat, I just grew really annoyed. And at one point, I do remember you saying, “all this running is stupid” and I probably agreed.
Then we were in this room full of pizza and we were naked. WE WERE EATING PIZZA NAKED. And god, there was just every type of pizza imaginable. And I think I said, “that looks fucking delicious” and by ‘that’ I probably meant ‘you’ because we then did very bad things on that pizza. But it was so good.
Then Freddie Prinze Jr. was in the dream and I remember asking him, “do you even make movies anymore? Buffy is still freakin hot” so that was weird. Like having sex on pizza wasn’t weird.
The rest I don’t really remember except for right before I woke up. We were really high above this river and this waterfall thing and were trying to cross this old bridge that looked it was going to crumble any second. I was terrified because I’m scared of heights in general, but I tried to keep my cool because I knew I had to make it across.
I told you, “I’m going to fall” and you told me “fine. Just let go” so at one point I did just let go. And I started falling and it was the loveliest feeling.
But then I realized you were stupid to tell me to let go, and I was going to die so I told myself I needed to fly but remembered I didn’t know how. But you know what? After several frustrating failed attempts to fly, I told myself to just do it and there I was, flying.
So I ran, had pizza, had sex on pizza, and then flew. Also, I now want to watch old BtVS episodes.

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