Friday, July 15, 2011

A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted

I remember going to the mall with one of D's friends and the guy was all excited about a hat that he found at American Eagle. It was a fitted baseball cap which was pretty cute, but it was in the "frayed" style which basically made it look like it had been used as a chew toy by one of his dogs.

I'm a big fan of used (vintage or "recycled" clothing) and understand the need for comfortable wear that has been broken in but what exactly is the appeal of purchasing NEW clothing that looks OLD? Maybe I'm just from another time where new clothing should look ... well, new.

Anyways, $1624 for a ripped, fugly old tee shirt that looks like it got into a battle with a lawnmower and lost? No thanks. If this price tag looks appealing to you, I have tons of used clothing that I'd be more than willing to sell you at a super redonk price. No lie.

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