Monday, July 18, 2011

Who Doesn't Want Longer, Fuller Eyelashes?

I keep seeing these advertisements for Latisse (made by the same company who brought you Botox), an eyelash growth product. It's usually an ad with actress Claire Danes and boasts to result in fuller, longer, thicker, and luscious lashes after only 16 weeks.

The down side? It's $120 per 3ml bottle and OH YEAH, the side effects. In some users, there is reported in unusual darkening of the eyelid and/or iris, itchy and/or red eyes, the growth of hair growing in other areas, etc. Sounds lovely, right?

I decided to surf a little and see what the Interwebz could tell me the truth about eyelashes and wasn't too surprised to find out that there's not too much that you can do, outside of eating healthier.

I did come across many different sources claiming that lubricating your lashes helps a bit. Apparently, many women apply a thin layer of vaseline, castor oil, olive oil, or Vitamin E oil onto their lashes before bed. The idea is that this helps to keep eyelashes from becoming dry and brittle.

I even found this adorable little Youtube video :

So really, the point of this blog post is to not persuade you to not try Latisse, or even to inform you about a little trick to condition your eyelashes. The whole point of this post was to get to this last part where I say HOLY SHIT, AN EIGHT YEAR OLD KID KNOWS MORE ABOUT MAKEUP THAN I DO!

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