Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Karma's a Bitch

Whatever you're going through, I can guarantee you that someone you know is dealing with worse circumstances. And however shitty your day might be today, something even shittier may be awaiting you tomorrow because karma does not exist and things do not happen for a reason. 

Stating that things that happen to you is all part of some purposeful master plan (the details of which you don’t profess to understand) doesn’t make you look wise and self-aware. It makes you look self-indulgent and ridiculous.

If you are a nice person and try to show kindness to your fellow man and they sometimes reciprocate, this is not the universe paying you back and it certainly is not karma. It's just being a decent human being. No matter how many good deeds you do in your life, children will be raped, innocents will be slaughtered, and debilitating diseases will strike down those least deserving.

I'm not perfect but it's ok, because neither are you. We're all just doing the best we can so let's just cut each other some slack, why doncha?

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