Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You're One of Us!

For about ten years, I wore this gold cross around my neck. It was on a really thin and delicate gold chain & the upside down T itself was small, so it was actually very simple yet pretty. It had originally belonged to my paternal grandmother and when she passed, I started wearing it. I guess it was my way of trying to keep a part of her with me at all times.

I never took it off and just knew that it was going to get caught in my hair during a shower and get lost, but it never did. My mom would tell me that I didn't need to worry because God would take care of it ...

I grew up. I eventually stopped wearing the necklace. I stopped believing the lies. 

It used to be that when I was a child and met someone who also was sporting a cross/crucifix, I would feel comfort. It was like "Hey, you're ok. We belong to the same club!"

When I see someone nowadays with a cross around their neck, what I hear in my head is "Proceed with caution."

There is no animosity. Yet, there also is no comfort.

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