Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Holiday Season

When I used to celebrate Christmas, the day after Halloween was the day I would break out the tree and start decorating. As a child, some of my fondest holiday memories were of sitting under the tree and getting lost in the twinkling lights and the softly playing Christmas music.

My parents had this vintage "Swedish-Pattern" angel candle chimes set made of tin that revolved when the lit, and I would love to sit there on the floor with my chin on the table and just watch it slowly spin.

Most people nowadays are so focused on gadgets, gifts, and doing things for appearance's sake and it's no wonder that the holidays have become a time of dread.

I know some folks greatly dislike all the lovely smells, decorations, and music of the holiday season, but I've always found it all to be really beautiful. And there really is too much ugly in the world for me not to appreciate the little pretty that shows itself for a few months. I really do love this time of year.

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